Consultant Committee

1-Prof. Dr.Fouad kasim Mohammed
Ministry of High education and scientific research
2-Prof. Isam Tawfik Kadim
College of Agriculture and marine Science,Sultan Qaboos
3-Prof. Dr.Abdul Jabbar N.Al-Shammari.
Faculty of Science,University of Al-Balqaa-Jordan.
4-Prof. Dr.Kamal M.Al-Saad
Veterinary medicine college،University of Mosul,Iraq .
5-Prof. Dr.Mohammed T.I.Al-Kayeii
College of Veterinary medicine ,University of cairo,Egypt .
6-Prof. Dr.Mohammed M.Katrachi
College of Veterinary medicine,University of Hamah, Syria .
7-Prof.Dr.Zahra Mashak
College of Veterinary medicine college،University of Karaj,
Iran .
8-Prof. Dr.Wael A.H.khamas
Veterinary medicine college،Western for Health,Science,USA.
9- prof. Dr .Bahjat T.Abass
College of Veterinary medicine college،University of